Gonzales Announces New Ivory Tower Album and Film

Gonzales Announces New <i>Ivory Tower</i> Album and Film
As if Canadian producer/composer/pianist Chilly Gonzales wasn't busy enough already, he's now announced the release of Ivory Tower, a new album and film project.

A press release for this follow up to his 2008 effort, Soft Power, says that it's typical of Gonzales, and that it's "ambitious," "intelligent" and "fun." We're guessing it's also more than a little eccentric

Ivory Tower apparently finds the composer delving into Euro pop, "with a smattering of his Piano Talk Show style ballads and some stunning instrumental pieces." The album was produced by Boys Noize, and includes a number of disco-influenced tracks, and lyrics such as "I'm a dog shit ash tray, I'm a shrugging moustache, wearing a Speedo tuxedo / I'm an Imperial armpit, sweating Chianti, I'm a toilet with no seat, flushing tradition down / I'm gay pastry and racist Cappuccino."

The first single from the album, "Never Stop," can be heard below.

A number of instrumental tracks will also double as soundtrack pieces for the film of the same name. Due for a September debut at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Ivory Tower will tell the story of two champion chess-playing brothers who share a love for the same girl. Gonzales will play one of the brothers alongside Montreal DJ/producer Tiga, while their object of affection will be played by electro-clash provocateur Peaches.

The film is the directorial debut of Adam Traynor (of German hip-hoppers Puppetmastaz), and was co-written by Gonzales and French screenwriter Celine Sciamma.

Ivory Tower, both the album and the film, will see release within a two-week span, with the record set for an August 23 UK release via Gentle Threat, though a North American date is still unconfirmed. The album will precede the film festival just weeks before September 9, when TIFF kicks off.

UPDATE: Ivory Tower is due out via Arts & Crafts in North America on September 14.