Gonjasufi "Demonchild" (video) (NSFW)

Gonjasufi 'Demonchild' (video) (NSFW)
Just yesterday (November 21), we got our first listen of California musician Gonjasufi's upcoming MU.ZZ.LE album with the new track "Nikels & Dimes." But today he's back with a new video for "Demonchild," off this year's free EP The Ninth Inning.

The video is a bit of a mindfuck, which kicks off with some unicorns and a Gonjasufi-headed fish frolicking through space before a furry six-armed beast unzips his stomach to reveal a herd of topless women and a giant eyeball. Naturally, there's also some computer-generated skeletons and a really creepy two-sided face. Enjoy!