Goldie The Journey Man

Goldie The Journey Man
There's a moment early on The Journey Man, around 75 seconds into opening track "Horizon" — when Goldie's signature polyrhythmic drum beat kicks in — that comes off tremendously gratifying for long-time fans of the drum'n'bass legend.
The full-length, Goldie's first in 19 years, keeps his formula locked down, deftly realizing that the appetite for street-savvy London-hailing bass music has returned. With stunning vocals from a host of up-and-comers, including Natalie Duncan, Terri Walker, Natalie Williams and (his wife) Mika Wassenaar Price, Goldie masterfully blends bellicose, jagged breakbeats with soulful reveries on tracks like the potent "Mountain," the sexually charged "I Think of You" and the modernised "Tomorrow's Not Today."
The Northern England producer still finds room to break up the groove he's created, though, adding a handful of raucous instrumentals alongside male vocal-featuring tracks from Tyler Lee Daly (on the Paisley-funk "Castaway") and Jose James (on the straight-up piano ballad, "Truth").
At 16 tracks and a whopping 110-minute runtime, there are some songs that blend into the other, but it's a testament to Goldie's creativity and flexibility as an artist that there's never a single moment on The Journey Man that sounds compromised. (Metalheadz)