Goldfinger Darrin’s Coconut Ass: Live From Omaha

Since the long-awaited third album by California ska-punk gods Goldfinger has been delayed until early spring, the band has released this live EP of cover tunes by some of their biggest influences. On Live From Omaha Goldfinger takes ska and reggae classics (“Nite Klub” by the Specials, Peter Tosh’s “Downpressor Man”) as well as songs by bands like the Police, the Who and the Cure and somehow manage to make them sound like Goldfinger originals. The title (a reference to drummer Darrin Pfeiffer’s excessive body hair) is a little misleading. The EP was not recorded at a live show in Omaha. It was recorded live in a studio at three a.m. This is explained in the full-colour liner notes, written by singer John Feldmann, which include a foldout poster of the band. The CD also includes an interactive video montage, as well as a chance to hear new bassist Kelly Lemieux who does an excellent job of filling in for former bassist Simon Williams. Based on this EP, as well as the sneak preview on the compilation Mojo Knockout Hits ’99, the new Goldfinger album will be an unparalleled work of ska-punk genius. (Mojo)