Golden Grrrls Announce Debut Album for Slumberland

Golden Grrrls Announce Debut Album for Slumberland
Yesterday (November 27), Glaswegian indie pop band Golden Grrrls were named as one of the openers for Veronica Falls' upcoming North American tour (although they won't be playing any of the Canadian shows). Now, the newcomers have announced their self-titled debut album, which is due out on February 26 through Slumberland.

Like many artists in Slumberland's roster, Golden Grrrls draw on DIY punk and classic indie pop from New Zealand, Australia and Scotland. Sonic touchstones apparently include the Clean, the Bats, the Feelies, the Vaselines and the Pastels, in addition to contemporaries like Sea Lions and Twerps.

This debut album promise to expand on the lo-fi recording quality and melodic songwriting approach of Golden Grrrls' early 7-inches. A press release explains, "For Golden Grrrls, the band has written eleven perfect songs about life's realities dressed in three-part harmonies, heart-tugging changes and a playing style derived from punk and classic crash-pop enthusiasm."

Scroll past the tracklist below to listen to the rough-around-the-edges single "We've Got..."

Golden Grrrls:

1. New Pop
2. Past Tense
3. Paul Simon
4. Think of the Ways
5. Older Today
6. Take Your Time
7. Time Goes Slow
8. World Peace
9. Never Said Enough
10. Date It
11. We've Got...