Gold Panda Collects Early Work on Companion Compilation

Gold Panda Collects Early Work on <i>Companion</i> Compilation
UK knob twiddler Gold Panda has been on a winning streak lately, between releasing last year's celebrated Lucky Shiner LP and his recent Marriage EP. But have you ever wondered what the guy was up to before he was the toast of electrotown? Wonder no more, as Gold Panda and his label, Ghostly International, are ready to release Companion, a new digital collection gathering together some of his older EPs.

According to a press release, the new package contains three EPs originally released in 2009 (Before, Miyamae and Quitter's Raga), as well as one extra track called "Police." Throughout Companion, you will notice that Gold Panda's older tunes contained the "static-y slices of recontextualized sound, soul-stirring chord changes" and "heavy-lidded melancholia" that flood his current work; he's just further refined it at this point.

Companion is available as a digital package starting today (March 22) and you can see the tracklist below.

Furthermore, you can currently catch Gold Panda on tour. In fact, he's playing Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver tonight. If you're still not sold, peep this new clip of the Panda man in action in Germany below. Check out the rest of his dates here.


1. "Quitter's Raga"

2. "Fifth Ave"

3. "Like Totally"

4. "Back Home"

5. "Mayuri"

6. "Long Vacation"

7. "Lonely Owl"

8. "I Suppose I Should Say 'Thanks' Or Some Shit"

9. "Heaps"

10. "Bad Day Bad Loop"

11. "Triangle Cloud"

12. "Win-San Western"

13. "Police"

Ghostly Presents: Gold Panda from Ghostly International on Vimeo.