Gold & Marrow 'Forever' (album stream)

Gold & Marrow 'Forever' (album stream)
Following prior material as Shannon Rose and the Thorns, Rose and her band now go by Gold & Marrow. The Ottawa group's first LP under the new name is called Forever, and it will be out on September 30. In the meantime, it's available to stream on

Forever was recorded at Ottawa's Bova Lab Studio with the band's own guitarist Steve Matylewicz serving as producer. Michael Dubue of Hilotrons and Matt Goud of Northcote both make appearances on this 10-song collection, which takes an atmospheric approach to tuneful indie pop.

This sound can be heard on "Ides of March," which is an ultra-minimal twist on '50s and '60s pop conventions. Elsewhere, "Silence" is steeped in string-laden drama, "Striking Gold" is fidgety dance rock, and the sprawling "Forever" closes the album with more than six minutes of lullaby-like chamber folk balladry.

Hear it all below.

UPDATE: You can now also watch the new video for the album track "Striking Gold" at the bottom of the page.

Tour dates:

09/20 Ottawa, ON - The Record Centre
10/04 Wakefield, QC - Black Sheep Inn *

* with the Visit