Gogol Bordello Seekers and Finders

Gogol BordelloSeekers and Finders
Gogol Bordello have created music that feels revolutionary and well-timed on Seekers and Finders, an album on which the veteran, self-described Gypsy-punk group channel the power and immediacy of their fantastic live show into a tight 38 minutes. While this album was recorded in the United States, it developed through collaboration and live performance around the world, and it incorporates the diverse and talented instrumentalists backing Eugene Hütz well. Violinist Sergey Ryabtsev's melodies drive several of the hooks, including lead single "Walking on the Burning Coal," giving this album some freak-folk flavour.
This, plus marimba, the album's excellent percussion and, of course, plenty of accordion make Seekers and Finders feel like a raucous kitchen party at times. The title track finds the band in a softer moment, bringing in Regina Spektor for excellent guest vocals and reflecting on a life of continuous adventure and discovery. The whole work advocates for a world dominated by the joy of community and revelry, one where wanderers meet no borders on their journey to find themselves and a community they can be a part of. (Cooking Vinyl)