Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike

The music of Gogol Bordello is difficult to describe. The band’s own label of "gypsy punk” gives the listener a rough idea of what to expect — international rhythms and instrumentation, combined with a unique lyrical approach, all wrapped in the aesthetic of punk rock. Well, that’s only half of it, and the other half is impossible to describe using the limited musical vocabulary traditionally attached to punk music. Things are loud, and things are fast. In the tradition of bands like the Clash, Gogol Bordello draw from the vast cultural mosaic in their hometown of New York, bringing together the collective experience of the many ethnicities and disparate cultures that make up their local scene. Musing on politics, the immigrant experience, and the disadvantages of growing up in the corn fields of Nebraska, Underdog World Strike is an album that must be heard to be understood. (Side One Dummy)