Godflesh Us And Them

If metal ever had one figure who stood heads above the pack, it would be Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick. Similar to Jeff Mills’ stature in the underground techno scene, Broadrick never ceases to amaze, whether he is dabbling in techno (Techno Animal and numerous White Label techno EPs), digital hardcore (Return of the Golden Vampire), ambient (Final) or noise rock (Godflesh). Us and Them is another in a long line of absolutely brilliant Godflesh records. Building on the imploding sounds of 1996’s Songs of Love and Hate, this time around they incorporate traces of jungle, hip-hop and industrial beats into the mix, forging a brand new direction that juxtaposes the clean feel of sampled drums against filthy, mucked up guitars. The biggest surprise of the record has to be with the vocal delivery. There is so much angst in Broadrick’s voice you would think he sang for a grind band, not the most prolific and interesting band extreme music has to offer. Classic. (Earache)