Goddess of Desire Symbol of Triumph

In Europe right now, the whole "true metal warriors fighting the rest of the non-metal world" is a big thing. Bands are dusting off their leathers, spikes, white hi-tops and old Venom and Bulldozer vinyl to pledge their allegiance to the holy trinity of “sex, drinks and metal.” This is supposed to be a five-piece with the lovely Lilith and Delilah (given names, I'm sure) singing. Or, at least that's impression you get when you look at the cover and inner photos, but the two don't utter a word on the record, leaving the duty of humiliating themselves to the trio of Count August, Grey Drake and Emperor Mark. Every song has something to do with how metal they are and how great it is to be metal and how metal rules and how metal will take over the world — not with primary school level musicianship and no originality it won't. (Metal Blade)