God Dethroned The Lair of the White Worm

Drab and lifeless doesn’t even begin to describe this 40-minute exercise in patience. The Laid of the White Worm is as unremarkable as they come. The numerous line-up changes over the past ten years are a conspicuous indication of how little devotion this music inspires. If you’re looking for contrived metal dribble, God Dethroned is the band for you. According to founding member Henri Sattler, the number of guitar leads has increased from the last album to 17 from five and the lyrics deal with nihilistic themes. Songs titles such as "Nihilism” and "Rusty Nails” only expose the surface of the piles of shit excreted faster than you can say diarrhoea. Most of the songs have a steady rock tempo and are filled to the brim with forgettable riffs. They blaze through a poor man’s Arch Enemy, with one interesting breakdown on the whole album. The solos are uncreative hackery, losing any sort of attention grabbing possibilities as quickly as they begin. God Dethroned aren’t something Metal Blade should be wasting their time on, unless Germany has a rich and untapped demographic of mentally retarded metal heads hiding within its borders. (Metal Blade)