Goblin Cock Come With Me If You Want To Live

From his work with indie rock legends Pinback through his time in innumerable side-projects and his recent solo work, San Diego's Rob Crow is as prolific as they come. Added to the list are Goblin Cock, his faux-ironic metal band that both poke fun at and pay homage to Crow's love of prog metal. Their second album, Come With Me If You Want to Live, continues the trend with over-the-top artwork but quality musicianship. Opener "Hissless" is all moody acoustic guitars and goofy synths book ended by the sound of rain. "Loch" is much less joke-y, as a crushing bass-line guides its metallic stomp. Elsewhere, songs like "Big Up Your Willies" are undeniable Crow, placing his melodic choruses atop a bed of heavy guitars. The wacky album art will certainly be an obstacle for some but dig through the irony and you'll find another diverse, and much heavier, collection of Rob Crow gems. (Robcore)