Gob Foot in Mouth Disease

It's unlikely these Vancouver-based, Avril Lavigne tour mates will ever top the hyper-kinetic melodic mayhem of their amazing How Far Shallow Takes You disc, but they come mighty close with this fourth full-length effort. Evoking the same SoCal-inspired pop-punk they've been so effective with in the past and utilising the production talents of Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, No Knife), FIMD takes a detour from the more accessible pop of The World According to Gob disc yet retains the hooks. Tom and Theo are getting a little older and their songwriting is becoming decidedly more (gulp) mature, if not lyrically at least musically. If they keep this up, they'll soon be known as the Lennon and McCartney of not buttered pop-core. (Nettwerk)