Goatwhore Ready Next Album

Goatwhore Ready Next Album
Anyone even remotely familiar with the New Orleans, LA music scene knows that it is the definition of incestuous. The family tree of bands is so intertwined, inverted and uprooted that it toppled over, continuing to grow sideways.

That's why it took blackened death metal outfit Goatwhore almost three years to follow up their last venture, 2006's A Haunting Curse. Yet they've put commitments with other bands such as Soilent Green, Crowbar, Down and so on to the back-burner.

The end result is Carving Out The Eyes Of God, recorded once again with producer/Hate Eternal guitarist/vocalist Erik Rutan at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL. In typical North American black/death metal fashion, Alan Douches of West West Side is mastering.

Here is an excerpt from vocalist Ben Falgoust's conversation with SMN News about the new album:

I don't want to come off with the typical speech about how this record is our best yet and all of that. I will say that I am quite pleased how it has turned out and all parts relating to it. I feel every member put a great deal of effort into their part of the project. I even feel Erik Rutan busted his ass even more this time to make us feel that we didn't take any steps backwards in the recording and production of this release.

I think the end result is basically coming up with something you have put a lot of work into and the satisfaction achieved in completing it. I will say that the new material is ripping metal and we still have that 'Goatwhore' sound, whatever that may mean for each individual that enjoys or hates what we do. Just look at it as another step in the evolution of this band. Each person that hears it will have his or her own perception of it. Like it or not, we don't have a say in it. The only thing we can do is just keep writing the way we do and accept the criticism. Doesn't mean we are gonna listen to the criticism and change. Just give it an honest listen and if you dig it, awesome! If you don't, then pass it on to a friend or use it as a new drink coaster.

Carving Out The Eyes Of God is set to be released June 23 by Metal Blade Records. The band are off on extensive tour in support.

Goatwhore on tour with Abigail Williams, Daath, Abysmal Dawn, SWWAATS:

7/3 Thunder Bay, ON - Black Pirate Pub
7/4 Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
7/5 Regina, SK - The Exchange
7/6 Saskatoon, SK - Walkers
7/7 Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
7/8 Calgary, AB - Underground
7/10 Victoria, BC - Sugar
7/11 Vancouver, BC - Biltmore
7/26 Montreal, QC -€“ FouFounes Electriques
7/27 Toronto, ON - Wreck Room

With Obituary:

9/14 Victoria, BC - Sugar
9/15 Vancouver, BC - Plaza Club
9/17 Calgary, AB - Warehouse
9/18 Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
9/19 Regina, SK - The Riddell
9/20 Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
9/25 Toronto, ON - Opera House
9/26 Quebec City, QC - Imperial
9/27 Montreal, QC - Foufounes Electriques

Carving Out The Eyes Of God tracklisting:

"Apocalyptic Havoc"

"The All-Destroying"

"Carving Out the Eyes of God"

 "Shadow of a Rising Knife"

"Provoking the Ritual of Death"

"In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath"

"Reckoning of the Soul Made Godless
"This Passing into the Power of Demons"

"Razor Flesh Devoured"

"To Mourn and Forever Wander through Forgotten Doorways"