Goatwhore Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun

Black metal done right, meaning raw, scary and brutal without fluffy production or light rock keyboards polluting up the proceedings. Goatwhore features the vocal styling of one Ben Falgoust from Soilent Green and the always frightening Sammy Duet of Acid Bath. And it kind of makes sense that some of the best blackened metal around comes from way down south instead of way up north, as that region of the states does prove to be incredibly talented at whatever genres it spews up. And it's not all balls-out fire and brimstone; there are elements of old thrash and death metal lurking around in this album as well. Plus the boys throw in a bit of that familiar NOLA sound to jolt the listener back up right when they might need it. Good stuff, raw as heck, not without a firm tongue planted in cheek, and they're talented to boot. (Rotten)