Goatblood & Nuclear Perversions

Rex Judaeorum/Wolves of Apocalypse

Goatblood & Nuclear PerversionsRex Judaeorum/Wolves of Apocalypse
Here's a vicious lil' day ruiner for those with decency: Goatblood starting off this split EP with three tunes of relentless, one-tempo-only-please rawness, the sound dirty enough to evoke bestial images and blackthrash vibes. Sometimes things go low and slow, and that's when the band have their best moments, but the uncompromising speed has its own charm.

Nuclear Perversions up the production qualities a bit for their duo of ditties, harnessing a similar vibe to their split companions but with a better grasp on variety and nuance. And by nuance, I mean they only steal three of your classic Venom albums before forcing you to listen to some blackthrash demo cassette, whereas Goatblood will take Possessed, too, because, why the hell not? (Iron Bonehead)
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