Goat Horn Threatening Force

Ludicrous beyond belief, Toronto's Goat Horn are back, storming the gates once again with this EP of ragingly, humorously and stubbornly pure old school metal. Recalling the glory days of melodic underground thrash via Banzai Records, or the first few years of Metal Blade’s existence, Goat Horn skirt professionally around melodies, galloping riffs, upbeat doom, and a whole lot of self-effacing and beer drinking good times. Unlike some other contemporary retro acts that come across as parody, Goat Horn are clearly dudes who care about the genre and who probably were around in the heyday of the aforementioned duo of dynamic labels. But as much as this is enjoyable, it’s also a bit much; the over the top lyrical sentiments and musical flourishes (flashy solos, sudden falsetto vocals) make it one that even the most diehard metal-heads might be a bit embarrassed to crank up — at least without headphones strapped to skull. If it matters to anyone, this EP contains two revamped cuts from their last full-length, Storming the Gates, three new songs, and one hilariously tongue-in-cheek intro. (Independent)