Go Find Stars On The Wall

Let the Europeanisation of indie pop continue unabated! The Go Find, once the brainchild of Belgian Dieter Sermeus, have now evolved into a full band. With their sophomore effort, they have crafted an album of ultra-smooth electro acoustic pop. The organic/synthetic fusion is one that many laptop-wielding introverts flounder recklessly into, and the unsavoury results of most of these ventures are best left un-discussed. There’s no such problem with the Go Find though, they are just as handy with an acoustic guitar as they are with drum machines. The slick groove of "Dictionary” and synth-fuelled melancholy of "Adrenaline” in particular, are brilliantly conceived and choreographed. While the album’s momentum flags occasionally ("Ice Cold Ice,” "Everything Is Low”), there always seems to be a worthy subsequent track to pull things up again. There’s no need to throw out your Notwist records but if you are partial to them, you may want to make room in your collection for Stars on the Wall.

(Morr, www.morrmusic.com) (Morr)