Go-Betweens Get Bridge Named in Their Honour

Go-Betweens Get Bridge Named in Their Honour
Australia sure likes to honour their artists in some bizarre ways. First, there was all that talk of Nick Cave's naked gold statue, and now beloved Australian indie rockers the Go-Betweens are getting their very own bridge.

According to a report from The Australian, the Hale Street Link Bridge located in their hometown of Brisbane has been renamed the Go-Betweens Bridge. What's even more amazing is that this idea has been floating around for quite a while, as the city thought of naming the bridge the Grant McLennan bridge when the Go-Betweens front-man passed away in 2006.

"The band produced music that just absolutely lives and breathes Brisbane," said Lord Mayor Campbell Newman.

As far as how the band feel about getting their own bridge, founding member Robert Forster told The Australian, "We've made records, and hopefully in 50 years' time someone will say, 'What's the story behind that bridge's name?' and someone else will tell them, and that will keep our music alive."

The Go-Betweens last album, Oceans Apart, was released in 2005. Forster has continued on with his own solo career.