The Glimmers DJ-Kicks

Hard to believe this is the 24th compilation in the usually reliable DJ-Kicks series. Belgian duo the Glimmers (formerly the Glimmer Twins; issues with the Rolling Stones’ lawyers recently forced a name change), Mo Becha and David Fourqaert, have long been darlings of the European dance music set, but this mix disc should finally put them on the map on these shores. A showcase for the duo’s wildly eclectic tastes, this mix is bound to please those bored with the ever-increasing ghetto-isation of electronic genres. Instead of trying to put their stamp on the compilation by lumping together killer tracks from one particular sound, the Glimmers cleverly cut-and-paste everything from acid house to funk to breaks and glue it all together with a healthy slathering of disco. They’re smart enough to kick things off with some familiar tracks from the new wave of electro — Bis’ saucy "Shack Up” flows seamlessly into Peaches’ like-minded "Lovertits” — before getting truly freaky with a couple of exclusives (the Idjut Boys’ disco remix of Hamilton Bohannon’s 1979 classic "The Groove Machine/The Boogie Train,” and the Rub’n’Tug re-edit of album closer "I’m A Man,” by none other than ’70s rockers Chicago). Though their mix jumps all over the stylistic map, it remains a remarkably smooth sonic ride throughout, and the whole thing comes off a bit like the soundtrack to the most cutting-edge fashion show around. (!K7)