Glenn Danzig Sued for "Recklessly" Rear-Ending Driver

Glenn Danzig Sued for 'Recklessly' Rear-Ending Driver

Blues metal icon/Evil Elvis Glenn Danzig is back in the headlines, and it's not because of his new album. It's because his driving skills apparently leave a bit to be desired. Or so claims Guy Wilson, who is suing Danzig after the rocker allegedly rear-ended his vehicle.

Wilson claims he has suffered "pain and suffering" and "emotional distress" since the rear-ending from Danzig, who is not engaging in rear-enders with Henry Rollins, went down. Wilson is suing for unspecified damages and filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday (June 25), according to TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Wilson says that Danzig "recklessly crashed" his car into Wilson's in the incident, which took place in January.

Danzig's Deth Red Sabaoth, his first studio album in six years, came out last week.