Glen Nevous Retraction Sell Out Slow

The Glen Nevous Retraction is Chris Page from Ontario pop punk stalwarts the Stand GT and Sell Out Slow, Page’s second solo release, contains similar tuneful sentiments as the Stand GT, yet presented in a pared-down fashion. For the most part, the album features only guitar and vocals, occasionally joined by understated percussion and piano. Despite its sparseness, Sell Out Slow covers an assortment of styles, ranging from propulsive pop songs to winsome country ballads. On tunes such as "Guilt Trip Fashion,” "Try to Coax the World” and "Breaking Out of Replacement Therapy,” Page resembles Billy Bragg mainlining double lattes, remarkably offering obstinate vigour without the supporting presence of a full band. "Quit While I’m Behind” commences with a guitar intro reminiscent of some of Eric Bachman’s work, before it eventually transforms into placid, leisurely pop. "Motor Skills Fading” is a striking ballad, featuring plaintive vocals and guitar, deftly enhanced by the backing contributions of Janice Hall and Dave Draves. As the Glen Nevous Retraction, Chris Page creates songs that are reliably well crafted and highly memorable, making Sell Out Slow a consistently satisfying disc. (Slag O Matic)