Glen Campbell See You There

Glen CampbellSee You There
When an artist is conscious that his/her time is limited, the big question becomes how to bow out gracefully. It's been known since 2011 that Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's, and from that moment the push was on to pay tribute to one of the great all-around musicians and song interpreters. It led to Ghost on the Canvas, a brilliant American Recordings-style record of contemporary covers that set the stage for Campbell's farewell tour. See You There appears to be the final word, recorded at the same time as Ghost and comprised mainly of Campbell's signature songs, including "Wichita Lineman," "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Galveston." While the arrangements are relatively unadorned compared to the original versions, Campbell's voice is strong, and the overall results are a dignified last letter to his fans. There may be little appeal beyond that, but what See You There proves is that these songs will remain meaningful long after Campbell is gone. (Surfdog)