Glaxo Babies Get Reissued via Superior Viaduct

Glaxo Babies Get Reissued via Superior Viaduct
Superior Viaduct has been on a reissue hot streak of late, having recently delivered Devo's Hardcore compilations and lining up represses of Eduard Artemyev's Solaris soundtrack and Sensations' Fix's Fragments of Light. Now, the label has announced it also has a pair of unearthed LPs on the way from long-gone Bristol post-punk outfit Glaxo Babies.

The first-ever North American pressings of the group's 1980 LP Nine Months to the Disco and their Put Me On the Guest List compilation drop on CD October 29 and on vinyl November 12.

The band formed in Bristol in 1977 and offered up a "mix of metallic guitar, dubbed-out rhythms and shamanistic chants," as the press release puts it. Put Me on the Guest List features a number of early demos, often recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. Tracks like the groove-driven "This Is Your Life" showcase vocalist Rob Chapman's angsty lyrics, while "Police Stake" is said to stand toe-to-toe with art-punk acts of the day like Wire, Gang of Four and Mekons. In addition to the demos, the repress includes the group's 1979 7-inch single "Christine Keeler."

Nine Months to the Disco was recored after the departure of Chapman, and had the act move into "more improvised and electronic-based territory." It's also said the LP touches on Krautrock, "piano-based free jazz" ("Seven Days"), electro ("Free Dem Cells") and more. The record's funky "Shake (The Foundations)" would later be covered by the Pop Group, who guitarist Dan Catsis played with between 1979 and 1980.

This latest edition of Nine Months to the Disco includes liner notes from Pop Group singer Mark Stewart, as well as Glaxo Babies' Catsis and Charlie Llewellin.

Put Me On the Guest List:

1. Avoiding The Issue
2. Because Of You
3. This Is Your Life
4. Police State
5. Who Killed Bruce Lee (Version)
6. Stay Awake
7. She Went To Pieces
8. Burning
9. Flesh
10. Puppet Patrol
11. Christine Keeler (CD Only)
12. Nova Bossanova (CD Only)
13. It's Irrational

Nine Months to the Disco:

1. Maximal Sexual Joy
2. This Is Your Vendetta
3. Seven Days
4. Electric Church
5. Nine Months To The Disco
6. Promised Land
7. The Tea Master And The Assassin
8. Free Dem Cells
9. Dinosaur Disco Meets The Swampsstomp
10. Conscience
11. Slim
12. Shake (The Foundations)