Glasvegas Return with EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK

Glasvegas Return with <i>EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK </i>
Epic Glaswegian rockers Glasvegas made a big splash back in 2008 when they released their self-titled debut album. We began hearing rumblings of their planned sophomore LP way back and in 2009, and now it's finally ready to come out.

On April 4, the group will bring back the drama with the curiously named LP EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \, due out via Columbia Records.

According to a press release, "The album sees the band recapture their atmospheric anthemic sound whilst moving in new directions both musically and lyrically." It was written in Santa Monica, CA, and recorded in England with producer Flood (U2, Depeche Mode).

For a taste of what the new songs sound like, scroll to the bottom of this page to listen to the single "The World of Yours."

See the tracklist below and try to imagine just how dramatic songs like "Pain Pain, Never Again" and "Whatever Hurts You Through the Night" will sound. A spring tour is expected be announced soon.


1. "Pain Pain, Never Again"
2. "The World Is Yours"
3. "You"
4. "Shine Like Stars"
5. "Whatever Hurts You Through the Night"
6. "Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality Pt.2)"
7. "Dream Dream Dreaming"
8. "I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Pt.1)"
9. "Euphoria, Take My Hand"
10. "Lots Sometimes"
11. "Change"

The World Is Yours by glasvegas