Glasvegas "Please Come Back Home"

Glasvegas 'Please Come Back Home'
I don't normally feature an artist twice within two months but since I first wrote about Glasvegas, the Scottish throwbackers have written, recorded and as of today (physically in the UK and digitally everywhere) released a Christmas-themed mini-album.

Following in the footsteps of *NSYNC, who previously released their second album as a festive treat, Glasvegas demonstrate their love of Christmas as well. They love the holiday so much that as we previously reported, they flew over to Transylvania and did the customary sessions in a big, old, vampiric-looking church for their second effort. The result is titled A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss), and though many suspected it would look to Phil Spector's timeless A Christmas Gift For You for inspiration, it actually sounds like an extension of their debut.

Beginning with the gorgeously cavernous, echo-heavy sadness of "Careful What You Wish For" (featuring the Concentus Choir), not surprisingly, the next cut is called "Fuck you, It's Over," which if we're to follow the stereotypes of a Glaswegian Christmas, would be just the right sentiment for the occasion.

But it's the yearning "Please Come Back Home" that stands out as the single of choice. Perhaps a bit too cool to hit that coveted number one spot on the singles charts come December 25, the pounding rhythm and fluttery shoegaze guitars give front-man James Allan the perfect ammunition to plead his case.

Sure, it's not exactly the kind of holiday music your family gathers 'round the piano to play on Christmas Eve but if you're all alone that night just sitting in the dark with a big bottle of whiskey, there's nothing better.

Glasvegas - Please Come Back Home