Glasstown Your Trendy Dump

Taking their name from a term coined by the long-forgotten Brontë brother, Glasstown are a bunch of musical mavericks who take the spirit of the 1970s, filter it through the late ‘80s and then see what comes out the other side. But it is hard to put your finger on exactly what else they might have slipped into the mix because the songs on Your Trendy Dump don’t comfortably fit into one of the usual pigeonholes that the world demands. The eclectic sound might also come as a result of working with a handful of different producers and engineers during the recording process, helping to keep things fresh. The poppier numbers (such as "Sweet Animal”) have a real touch of Robyn Hitchcock about them while the less obvious songs pick up on the ’70s influence to a greater extent, following a darker pathway. Most of the song’s lyrics touch upon romance in one way or another, yet not necessarily in a romantic way. But always with a sense of humour. There’s also a certain amount of arrogance too because one of the album’s strongest songs is tucked away at the end as a hidden track rather than displayed front and centre. Still the majority of Your Trendy Dump is likeable thanks to their finely crafted pop songs, and with a little bit more time, Glasstown could really be a force to be reckoned with. (Bitter Stag)