The Glasses Otter Asleep on the Carousel

If you thought technical metalcore was dead, you’d better get your hands on a copy of Asleep on the Carousel ASAP, even if just for the sake of curiosity. Comparable to the Dillinger Escape Plan and as capable as early Botch, this Miami five-some are lashing out at the world with their blend of musical ingenuity and chaos. Each of the six tracks on this album is different than the last, albeit consistent in the melodic riffs and groundbreaking aggressiveness that litter this beautiful mess. The often unpredictable timing, coupled with layer upon layer of bass and complex drumming, is shocking in itself, even without Steven Coffman’s villainous vocals, which are admirable since it’s gotten far too common to have one individual in a group sticking out like a sore thumb. Find this and enjoy it because these types of unique albums are few and far between. (Seven Trumpets)