Glass Casket

It's probably a good idea to keep your eyes on Abacus Records, Century Media's hardcore offspring; after cool releases by Haste, Narcissus and now this super Glass Casket disc, it's obviously a hot label. This North Carolina quintet offers up one of the heaviest, extreme metalcore releases in a while with We Are Gathered Here Today. The big thick production sound brings out every instrument in crystal clear sonic extremity; the impressive drum work complements the chugging riffs, which vary from blackened grind to basic hardcore. The real fun comes with the technical change-ups, the inverse riffs and the crazy drum fills. The singing is your basic growling, with a wee bit of melody thrown in (once, I think), but it still conveys a real sense of emotion. Damn great aggression release, this one; when it's all over I just lay on the ground exhausted, anxiously awaiting another round. Uh, really.