Glass Candy "The Chameleon" (John Agebjörn Remix)

Glass Candy 'The Chameleon' (John Agebjörn Remix)
Johan Agebjörn, who's better known as Sally Shapiro's producer/songwriter, sent this to me a while back and I've finally gotten around to posting it. I don't know why I slept on it, seeing as he's remixing Glass Candy. I haven't heard too many Glass Candy remixes but for this cover of no wavers Dark Day (originally taken from the Italians Do It Better After Dark comp), Johan fine-tunes it into a tenebrous helping of interstellar disco by fucking with the EQ and slipping in everything from layers of reverb to flashing laser blips to a meteoric climax that will have you sayin', "Goddamn!" out of surprise.

You can find this on the forthcoming Milky Disco 2 comp, due out May 18 via Lo Recordings.