Gladys Matra/Aitch w/Pilote Somebody

A split seven-inch that features acoustic guitar rock on one side and introverted electronic breaks on the other. The Gladys Mantra opens up with a dark, vacuous tone where acoustic guitar rock with a bit of a beatnik slant accompanied by male vocals singing in an indecipherable mumble emerges from the shapeless Bordeaux. As bad as that might sound, the music really isn't, rather it's sweet and sentimental in a warm, cosy, lo-fi kind of way. Pilote takes over the flip side, remixing the music of Aitch with funky breaks, acoustic bass and booty shaking electro styling. Somebody is the first release on Lom Recordings, a label that has an eclectic selection of artists, and this debut release is a testimony to variance and quality. (Lom)