Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No

Girls Say Yes is one of those bands that don't really exist; they're an artistic collective with one person that takes care of most of the songwriting duties. In this case it's Jim Huie, a name that might not be immediately familiar to most people despite his involvement with many relatively successful projects over the years. Anyway, the other folks involved in the project are much better known - names like Mitch Easter, Russ Tolman and even Canada's Jeff Hatcher (ex-Blue Shadows) turn up for various duties, giving the album a more eclectic feel than you'd initially expect. There's a bit of power-pop, a touch of rock and a few songs with an Eastern influence. To Boys Who Say No suffers from some songs that sound dated, while it might be due in part to the fact that the album was recorded over the duration of several years, some choices made (such as keyboard sounds that would probably have been rejected in the mid-'80s for being too tacky) are questionable at best. The biggest problem with the album, though, is the distinct lack of brevity - some songs really do overstay their welcome and a few others could easily be clipped by a minute or so. In fact, the whole album would probably benefit from losing some filler, making for a more focussed and effective record. (Paisley Pop)