Girls "Morning Light"

Girls 'Morning Light'
I’m not sure why the irony is so strong for men these days to name bands after the fairer sex, but I guess actual females using Girls and Women (two names that I’m astounded haven’t been used up till now) is just not much of a statement.

Calgary’s Women, I’m certain, you’ll hear more about in this magazine when their self-titled debut album drops on July 8 via Flemish Eye (you can check out a track called "Black Rice” here). Girls on the other hand are a duo out of San Francisco comprised of Christopher Owens (also of Holy Shit) and Chet J.R. White. I originally thought they were ’60s obsessives judging by the Arthur Lee/early Bowie bend of "Goddamned,” but it appears I was not mistaken, just not informed of the band’s full MO.

New single "Morning Light” follows up the recently-released "Hellhole Ratrace” seven-inch, and shows a complete about-face turn for the band. Gone is sleepy acoustic, drugged out, wistfulness, replaced by a well, more drugged out, wistfulness with deranged guitars cranked to the point where dog’s cry and ears bleed. In fact, the guitars scream like an unhinged garage demo of Sonic Youth’s "Mote,” filled with more effects than a shoegazer’s convention, while the vocals whisper pensive thoughts not unlike, say, earlier Teenage Fanclub.

A limited 500 run of the Lust For Life/Morning Light seven-inch is out July 5 via True Panther. And you better believe the first 100 pre-orders get a custom-made corsage as a bonus (yes, for real!).

Girls "Morning Light”