Girl Talk To "Pull A Radiohead" For New Album

Girl Talk To 'Pull A Radiohead' For New Album
Greg Gillis has revealed that the fourth Girl Talk album will see an internet-only release over the next coming weeks. Speaking with Billboard, Gillis said Feed the Animals, his long awaited follow-up to 2006's mash-up bonanza, Night Ripper, will hit the web in a similar fashion as Radiohead's In Rainbows, which offered a pay-as-you-can structure.

The 55-minute album - which won't sound anything like the imposter leak of the same name from a few months back - features more than 300 samples, and will be released via his label Illegal Art's website. And much like Radiohead, Gillis said a physical CD and likely LP version will eventually hit shops in the near future.

"This project has always been about embracing pop," Gillis said. "I feel like the source material on this record has more in-your-face classics. Because of that, it's more over the top."

Feed the Animals Gillis said was based around the live set he's been developing the last two years. "For the final editing process, I probably worked eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, for about 3 months," he explained. "I worked very hard to make it sound like I didn't work hard."

Comparing the album to Night Ripper, he said: "There are parts with edits more detailed than anything on 'Night Ripper,' but overall, I spent time focusing on a particular source song for longer periods of time, rather than jumping from song source to song source as quickly as possible."