Gina X Performance Voyeur / Yinglish + Remixes

A figurehead in the new wave and electro scenes of the late ’70s and early ’80s, Germany’s Gina X (aka, Gina Kikoine) along with her writing partner and producer Zeus B. Held may not have received the same worship as some of their peers (though single "No GDM” is still widely popular club hit), but these two reissues prove just how valid their music was 20 some odd years ago. Billed as Gina X Performance, Voyeur was actually a radical response to the more straight synth-pop direction of the Performance’s first two albums. Hearing this album today hardly draws any feelings of the avant-gardism that caused such polarised opinions, as Voyeur is an enjoyable model of innovative club music that feels even more relevant now than ever. Tacked onto the end are some new remixes of "No GDM” by Psychonauts and Lo Voltage, as well as a couple more random mixes that are very cool, but obviously for bonus purposes only. Yinglish found Gina X still working with Held, but dropping the band for what would be her true solo and final outing. Unfortunately, by this time, Gina fell out of fashion and this album bombed, but in retrospect, it’s a strong example of ’80s leftfield Europop. Beginning with an out-there synthesised cover of the Beatles’ "Drive My Car,” the album can’t break out of its mid-decade die; however, if that era meant anything to you, this will certainly work like a charm. Again, more bonus tracks are added, which only makes this an even bigger pleasure for maximum indulgence. (LTM)