Gina X Performance Nice Mover

The other day I was telling my mom I was going to ditch some clothes in prep for summer. "No!” she exclaimed, "just hold onto them for 30 years and it’ll be back in fashion.” As it this re-issue from 1979 proves, culture too can have packrat tendencies that do sometimes pay off in the long run. This new wave avant-electro art prancing is so similar today’s product that I actually looked on the CD case to see if this was secretly made in the past year and packaged as a reissue for authenticity. But no, it’s the real deal — the real tarty Cologne-tinged English lyrics of fashionable discontent (society, drugs, and performances) with music that seriously could be Air around the time of The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, but reissued from KG Beat. Hot damn, what a gem! Unlike your clothes that won’t fit you in the future, this does fit, very, very well. (LTM)