Gilles Peterson/Various Eclectic Sessions Vol. 2

Given his impeccable taste in all genres of music, there’s no wonder why people tend to pay attention to anything that Gilles Peterson has compiled. From hip-hop to bossa nova to reggae this semi-mixed selection of beats definitely delivers some memorable numbers, and one that people will surely be talking about in the upcoming months. Toronto’s Nick Holder teams up with Jemeni for a sort of continuation on DJ Vadim, and Sarah Vaughn’s cry out to hip-hop knuckleheads. "No More Dating DJs” is a humorous declaration that girls who date DJs, critics or radio hosts better be prepared to carry both their heavy crates and even heavier egos. The gem of Eclectic Sessions has to be the incredible "Happy” by Max Sedgley that rolls a chunky bass line with a soulful vocal sample and gradually builds up to a full-out funk jam with sharp horns and a beat that should make you set up shop on the dance floor. "Balkan Hot Step” by N.O.H.A. will easily make your body move in a similar fashion with blends from all sorts of global rhythms, Spanish horns and sped-up vocal snippets. It would be nice if Gilles put out some head-scratching mixes, complete with stunning mash-ups and seamless blends, but there’s no denying that this man has an ear for banging tunes. (TrusttheDJ)