Gigolo Aunts Minor Chords and Major Themes

I haven’t heard hide nor hair of the band since their 1994 release Flippin’ Out (evidently they released an indie EP in 1997). And while for me they’ll never reach the heights of their friends Velvet Crush, they’re damn fine in their own right. On Minor Chords and Major Themes, relationships are tackled from all possible angles. “C’mon, C’mon,” is a lustful teen anthem in the manner of early Cheap Trick. The pretty “You’d Better Get Yourself Together, Baby,” is advice for the lovelorn that sounds like it’s being dispensed from a floating space capsule, while “Super Ultra Wicked Mega Love” is a wry but sincere take on finding love in the personal ads. For guest stars, we have “The Big Lie,” a manic rocker featuring backing vocals from Adam’s Duritz (Counting Crows) and Schelesinger (Fountains of Wayne). Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait five years for their next great album. (E Pluribus Unum)