Gift of Gab The Next Logical Progression

Gift of GabThe Next Logical Progression
Gift of Gab (aka Timothy Parker) has been through a great deal lately. Best known (and much loved) as a member of Bay Area hip-hop duo Blackalicious, he's been suffering from declining health due to Type 1 diabetes, an issue that led to a scary bout with kidney failure and an imminent kidney transplant. Still, he remains sanguine on The Next Logical Progression, a solo effort that sees his trademark wit and flow intact. Working with Oakland-based producer and musician G Koop, there's a comfortable vibe that the project ease into, content to deliver serviceable lyrics over straightforward beats and nothing more. Gab was always one to tell it like it is and he's never been shy about pontificating on the current state of mainstream hip-hop (see: "Toxic" and "Wack But Good People"). There's nothing mind-blowing here, just competent, old-school-flavoured hip-hop that's likely meant to tide us over until Gab gets over his health issues and Blackalicious drop that long-rumoured, and anticipated, album. (Quannum)