Gift From God

Halifax Music Co-op, Halifax NS, May 24

Gift From GodHalifax Music Co-op, Halifax NS, May 24
Photo: Eric Hill
Hurtling through space on a wing and a scream — thus sails along Halifax trio Gift From God, using the slingshot gravity of drums, synths and voice-altering effects as propulsion. Kira Daube led the voyage, steering with hand on pedal knob and casting her screams and pitch-shifted guttural chuckles into the cosmic fog of Elizabeth Johnson's keyboards. Meanwhile, down in the engine room, Lindsay Dobbin filled the role of MVP (Most Valuable Percussionist) of the festival, using her untiring post-motorik beat to give a shape to the noise.
There were a few transcendent moments when all the elements rose up out of the collective din in a very primal and affecting pulse of energy and unleashed emotion. At times, the trio took a little too much of their sweet time working an idea that had yielded all of its secrets, but tightening improv is a skill that takes a long time to internalize. As is space travel. 
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