Giant Sons Consonance

Giant Sons’ debut is an inspiring and dextrously composed disc. The Winnipeg-based group creates wide-ranging instrumental songs, stretching from melodious undertones to resonating crescendos, conveying an impeccable command of dynamics. Consonance features exceptional musical narratives that progress with constantly varying rhythms and lingering melodies. "The Motive For Metaphor” and "A Knife In The Dark” gradually build a riveting brand of tension, while "Pronouncing the Sentence” and "Coniferous” offer resounding, soothing tunefulness. Occasionally the group’s songs nod towards the more restrained and harmonious aspects of Slint, Rodan and their subsequent musical endeavours. The CD closes with a remix contribution by Blunderspublik, and the collaboration presents stirring cut and pasted musical moments. Consonance is an entirely alluring disc. (Independent)