Giant Drag Look to Fans to Help Pay for Second Album

Giant Drag Look to Fans to Help Pay for Second Album
Learning the hardships of major label fairweather friendship, L.A.-based indie act Giant Drag have reached out to fans to help fund their second album after being dropped by Interscope.

In a MySpace blog posting titled "would you like to help make the next giant drag album?", singer/guitarist Annie Hardy gracefully wrote:

"many of you send messages asking when its coming (the album, that is) and since being dropped from Interscope took away the money part of the equation you can see it is taking a very long time. some people have recommended i put up a paypal donation button to help speed this process up (and help me eat the occasional sandwich if i’m lucky) so finally today, with the help of my new intern audrey, the donation button has arrived!

"thanks to the genius who invented the intern (free labor in exchange for a college credit?! i’ll take two please!) i now have outside help to get my record, record label and interweb stuff up and running. soon there will be a giant drag ebay store where you can buy all my stuff because i’m not going to have any place to keep my stuff if i don’t start making money soon, so you can have it!

"i should mention that people who make extra generous donations will receive extra special surprises but i can’t tell you what they are or it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it? so if you feel like giving up a buck or a million of them i’d be very grateful! even if its just because you are riddled with guilt from illegally downloading the first album and you feel the need to repent, any reason will do and every penny counts.

"if it ends up being a bunch of letters and symbols below this message instead of a paypal donation button please go to the "Bio" section of and you will see that button under the merch store button.
thank you kindly my friends!"

Fans looking to help Hardy out in her cause can visit the band's blog to make a donation via Paypal.

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