Giant Drag Hearts and Unicorns

Recently losing the plot during her CMJ performance, Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy continually proves both onstage and on record that she is as nutty as she is talented. Last year’s debut EP, Lemona, displayed her effortless talent in mixing undeniable pop hooks with droning guitars and minimal arrangements, but it is with Hearts and Unicorns that Giant Drag deserves to be noticed. Joined by Micah Calabrese (aka, Hardy’s whipping boy) on drums and keyboards, Hardy weaves her personal songs without any disgrace, often delivering lines that may have come off-the-cuff. Her obsession with both My Bloody Valentine and Nirvana shapes the sonic textures, moving in and out of lethargic dream pop and dirty fuzz rock. "Kevin is Gay” leads things off brightly with an ever-bending hook that ends in a verse full of adorable "meows.” The mood is quickly reversed on "yflmd” (translated as: you fuck like my dad) where Hardy tells a lover that he indeed resembles her father in an unpleasant way. This cute-to-ugly switch in less than 60 seconds is Hardy’s biggest quandary — when she has you hooked on one she gets bored and moves on leaving you confused, which can be both invigorating and disconcerting. Either way, it’s enough to keep you immersed. (Kickball)