"Parking Lot Nights"

Ghosthustler"Parking Lot Nights"
We all know gamers live in their own little parallel universe once they crank up the console, but there are limits to the satisfaction they can achieve with a pixelated screen and a case of Red Bull. However, Denton, TXs Ghosthustler take gaming geekdom to a whole new world with their throwback Nintendo-chic electro rave-up. Pitchfork and the rest of the online community are lumping them into a tiny niche called "blog house, and its hard to argue such a tag. These upstarts dont hide their love for their European and erm, Canadian, brethren, nicking the smooth funk synth sounds of say, Chromeo, and the microprocessing minutiae of Kavinsky or Does It Offend You, Yeah?, though on a much more composed scale. Singer Alan Palomo knows his role too, as he utters "I think I need to take a break/Because there's only so much I can physically take, which I cant but help think is a reference to his Nintendo thumb. Such a call really sets the stage for the wicked role-playing carnage of the Pete Ohs directed video. Here we find a enigmatic hooligan driving around Texas assaulting people and then vaporising them with his/her Power Glove (remember those?). Its a nerds dream come true to taste this kind of revenge, and Ohs has made it look as gratifying as youd imagine it to be. I cant believe there is no swift and blinding justice in the end though, which is, I guess, the true sign of a gamers delight.


P.S. Dont miss out on the free mix-tape theyve prepped. Click here to download it.


1. Mr Oizo - Patrick 122
2. Does it Offend You, Yeah - Battle Royale
3. Chromeo - Call Me Up
4. Alan Vega - Saturn Drive
5. Crystal Castles - Air War
6. Jackson & His Computer Band - Radio Caca
7. Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)
8. Bumblees Unlimited - I wanna be Your Ladybug
9. Daft Punk - Technologic (Vitalic Remix)
10. Simple Minds - I travel
11. Justice - New Jack
12. Chris and Cosey - October Love Song
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