Ghostface Killah Sued for Use of 'Iron Man' Theme

Ghostface Killah Sued for Use of 'Iron Man' Theme
It's no secret that Ghostface Killah is a massive Iron Man fan; he even named his 1996 solo debut Ironman. The Wu-Tang Clan member has frequently paid homage to the classic Marvel comic throughout his career, but now he's paying for those references in the form of a lawsuit from composer Jacques "Jack" Urbont.

AllHipHop reports that the veteran film composer has sued Ghostface Killah, Razor Sharp Records and Sony Records for the illegal use of his "Iron Man Theme" on Ghostface's 2000 album, Supreme Clientele.

According to the lawsuit, "The defendants fraudulently concealed their use of the 'Iron Man Theme' on Supreme Clientele. For instance, the liner notes of Supreme Clientele do not give any indication that Urbont's sound recording or compositions are contained on the album."

The lawsuit, which was filed in New York on June 30, also targets the rapper's use of the alias "Tony Starks." The character of Iron Man is also known as Tony Stark, and Urbont says that this infringes on his copyright by associating Ghostface with Iron Man. Fair enough, but shouldn't this be Stan Lee's lawsuit?

The lawsuit is reportedly worth millions.

Urbont wrote the music for the 1966 cartoon version of Iron Man. His other composer credits include work on such TV shows as Mannix, Mission: Impossible and The Littlest Hobo.