Ghostface Killah Plots Supreme Clientele 2, Loves Turkey Sausages

Ghostface Killah Plots <i>Supreme Clientele 2</i>, Loves Turkey Sausages
The true workhorse of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, has released seven solo albums since 2000's Supreme Clientele, alongside various collaborative efforts and guest appearances. His criminally underrated new album, Apollo Kids, dropped last month, and now the rapper has already started work on his next project.

According to a tour video circulating the Web, his next project will in fact be Supreme Clientele 2. Ghost is scarce about the details, and seems more excited about his turkey sausage. But the fact is that Supreme Clientele stands as a hip-hop classic, so the news that it's coming is something to get at least a little excited about.

That's not the only project he's working on either. Ghostface is apparently also hard at work on a new album called Blue & Cream. For now, the best we can offer is the hilarious tour video below.