Ghost Orchid The King Is Dead

Ghost Orchid mingle mid-’80s industrial disco with modern electro. The result is a little bit like putting together Ladytron and Nitzer Ebb. Tracks like "Keep Your Secrets” and "Synthesizer Bruises” hew more to the Nitzer Ebb end of things, while "Inside (And Out Again)” and "Love Inversions” have a more modern feel. That said, their work is a good fusion of the two styles, and doesn’t sound like pure derivatives of either style. Their tracks are energetic and often experimental, as in "Inside (And Out Again),” with its thumping break beats and strange vocals, as well as "The King Is Dub,” with a zippy dub bass line and strange stabs. Those with an inclination to hybrid styles should check this out. (PrinceHouse)