The Ghost is Dancing The Darkest Spark

A big collective with lots of gang singing, slow builds and whirling dervishes of instruments? Well, just because it’s fun and hip to do doesn’t mean that it can’t be done well, and Toronto’s the Ghost is Dancing do hit some beautiful moments of euphoria on their debut. Some tracks are recycled from their EP but some of the new ones are exactly what you want from this Arcade Fire-inspired sub-genre. Take the short and sweet "We’ll Make It,” which features a positive message, rousing chorus, catchy beat and lots and lots of enthusiasm. On the other hand, while everyone believes Arcade Fire when they sing their anthems sometimes I’m just not convinced by this band. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some gorgeous moments to share, as demonstrated by "Greatlakescape,” easily the finest moment here. A cute, slow build leads to some frantic vocals bouncing back and forth, with layers of crashing guitars and nervy drums. But it doesn’t end there! It then moves into some glorious hi-hat hits, shouting and triumphant guitars, and it’s absolutely insane. Only at that point of joy do the Ghost is Dancing break through. It takes some digging but it’s there. (Sonic Unyon)