The Ghost is Dancing "Battles On" (Secret Sessions at TARA Version)

The Ghost is Dancing 'Battles On' (Secret Sessions at TARA Version)
Endearing Toronto power-pop combo the Ghost Is Dancing are among the first bands to record a session for the Audio Recording Academy's new session series and they've opted to transform "Battles On" one of their mightiest anthems, with a more measured folk arrangement.

A collaboration between TARA, Exclaim! and Aux, Secret [email protected] is a weekly videocast airing on AUX featuring "secret" performances by independent Canadian acts (to which the general public are invited). Part 1 features Barzin, Josh Reichmann, and, of course, the Ghost is Dancing, among others.

The Ghost is Dancing normally finish a set drenched in sweat, after pouring their hearts into impassioned rock songs that recall the melodic musical angst of Arcade Fire. The title track to their latest album, "Battles On" is a dark but uplifting call-to-arms, normally driven by manic energy. This Secret Sessions version finds the band exploring the song's dynamic structure more - raising and lowering the music's intensity, while singing with dour optimism. It's a compelling performance and a harbinger of great things to come from the Secret [email protected] series.